Private Capital Management Group, Inc. is a vertically integrated financial services firm. The associates of PCMG specialize in advisory services* to individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Within these client groups, an emphasis is placed on retirement strategies, wealth accumulation and wealth preservation, as well as post-retirement income generation tax strategies and estate planning. Because our clients have diverse needs, we also have access to mortgages, insurance and tax professionals at your disposal. By working with PCMG in other areas, our clients are able to leverage our expertise as well as pricing power while enjoying the same outstanding service they have come to expect.

PCMG is focused on the future with its feet firmly in the past when it comes to old-fashioned values. Our mission is to provide elite advisory services* with client value and flexibility in mind. In order to accomplish this, we are affiliated with one of the nation’s most respected independent broker dealers, National Planning Corporation. PCMG is able to maintain its individualism while having access to the latest in investment strategies, trading tools, and research.