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Sharing your client information and financial status isn’t always easy for you. You have worked hard to earn the trust of your clients. They value your advice and knowledge. You want to make sure your clients are treated the same way you treat them—with respect and care. You want to make sure the advice they receive is well researched and fits their best interest.

PCMG does just that. You can be confident in how we work with clients, research information, and provide advice.

Our partnership with National Planning Corporation, a leading financial services company specializing in investment products, has developed a professional partnership for CPAs. This program is designed to assist you in offering a full range of financial services to your clients. We take into account the importance of preserving your independence and objectivity while guarding against potential liabilities. PCMG offers multiple structural options, enabling you to select the particular arrangement that best meets the needs and objectives of your firm.

To learn more about our CPA partnership program, please contact us.

• What are my options?
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What are my options?

1. Provide referrals of customers to us, and receive up to $100 compensation per referral.

2. Get licensed to be able to offer advice to clients, and then share commissions based on the commitment level you would like to participate in.

3. Get fully licensed and act as an advisor while having us as your support in the backfield.