Building strong futures for more than 20 years.

PCMG is an integrated financial services firm dedicated to helping people make smart investments, avoid financial pitfalls, and realize their most ambitious dreams.

PCMG started in 1999 as a traditional investment advisory firm. But it didn’t take long for founder Thane Bushong to realize that his clients had other financial needs—like mortgage financing and insurance—that were too often inadequately addressed. So he invested in the staff and resources to transform PCMG into a fully integrated financial services company.

Today, PCMG is a one-stop-shop for those who need smart and comprehensive financial guidance and advice and from financial professionals who care. From retirement and wealth planning to mortgage, and insurance, we have specialists on staff who are ready to serve and protect every aspect of your financial life.

At PCMG, we take a hometown approach to client service. When you walk into our office on the historic town square of Noblesville, you’ll immediately see what we mean. Our focus is on growing relationships, not our corporate footprint.

Money, after all, is a means to an end. Its true value lies in what it empowers us to achieve. Like providing security for our families. Like exploring new opportunities and experiences. And like supporting the causes we care about most. After all, we are born to change the world. So why not get to it?

Empowering our clients to reach those goals—and many others—is our mission. And everything we do to achieve that mission is rooted in trust, transparency, and a firm commitment to delivering results.

To learn more about how PCMG can help you achieve your dreams, contact us today.