Build lasting relationships—and a dynamic career—here.

You’re a hardworking financial professional. But money isn’t your only interest. Your real passion is helping people. You get genuine satisfaction from serving your clients’ best interests.

The only problem is, you can’t always help them with everything. Sometimes, you have to refer them to outside service providers for mortgage, insurance, or accounting solutions. And that’s where things can—and often do—go sideways.

Imagine a client who wants to refinance their home loan. You run the numbers, and determine it’s a sound decision. Then you must send them to a bank who doesn’t know the nuances of their financial situation. If they make a mistake, it won’t only damage your client’s finances. It will also damage your relationship, and possibly even your reputation.

PCMG is the one financial institution that empowers you to avoid such a scenario. As a fully integrated financial firm, we give our staff the structure and support to serve their clients’ every financial need under a single roof.

Our model allows you to make more while providing integrated solutions to your clients. And make no mistake: in a partnership with PCMG your clients are your clients. Only now, you have more ways to guide and advise them—and save them money.

Ways To Plug Into PCMG:

  1. Refer clients directly to us
  2. Get a license, and keep your current position/company
  3. Get a license, and join the PCMG team

You can plug into as many parts of PCMG as you need to. Best of all, you won’t have to send your valued clients into the wilderness and hope for the best. If they’re looking for a mortgage, you can offer them a choice of multiple lenders and structural options. You can meet their insurance and accounting needs under your own white-label business. This not only improves client trust and satisfaction. It allows you to build a relationship—and a business—that grows more successful year after year.

PCMG gives ambitious financial professionals a powerful platform for an ethical, reputable, and profitable business. There are no quotas. No high-pressure sales calls. No products to push. Just a smart system designed to position your business for growth and prosperity.

Interested in expanding your career horizons? We want to hear from you.

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