Thinking of selling your practice? Want to grow
your business?

We could be the partner who helps you reach your destination.

Maybe you’re exploring the possibility of selling your practice. Or perhaps you’re interested in changing broker-dealers, and you’re considering an independent platform.

In either case, PCMG can be an invaluable partner. From strategic alliances to full-on mergers, we take pride in creating mutually beneficial partnerships that produce advantageous results for all parties.

In light of the current regulatory climate, it’s a great time to explore alternate revenue streams. Many advisors aren’t aware of the many advantages of expanding to additional financial services. At PCMG, we help financial professionals realize these advantages while benefiting both their practices and their clients.

In a partnership with PCMG, you won’t need to refer clients to a non-vested outside professional. Backed by our structure and support, you’ll be able to coordinate your clients’ comprehensive financial needs through a “private label” model. And because we offer the choice of multiple lenders and structural options, you can build your practice as you see fit.

We understand that forging a new business partnership is a big decision. There are many financial considerations, not to mention emotional ones. We’ll approach the discussion thoughtfully and transparently, and we’ll be open to your ideas about how to structure a deal. Most of all, we will be fully committed to helping you protect your reputation, secure your financial future, and serve the best interests of your clients.